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NORTHERN CALIFORNIA/ NORTHWEST NEVADA (Regeneratively-Raised Rambouillet wool)

Home to Rancher Lani Estill's Rambouillet sheep who graze a 90-mile shepherded journey across the Great Basin High Desert area each year. Very similar to the Merino breed, Rambouillets have a silky, superfine wool but have been adapted to fit the American open-range model of raising sheep. Raised by Climate Beneficial™ land management practices, Lani’s Sheep are integral to the ranch’s carbon sequestration plan in addition to producing the beautiful, high-quality wool used in this collection.

SMALL FARMS ACROSS CANADA (Sheep’s Wool from various breeds)

Source of the rustic wool roving used for this collection’s Hand-knits.  Due to the high minimums of cleaning, carding, and spinning wool, this group of farms opt to pool their fibre as a way to have their wool processed. Made from the shorter fibres of sheep, this woolen-type wool is more suitable for hand-knitting and blanket-type fabrics. Due to the lanolin oil content and airiness of the fibres, this utilitarian wool-type is both warm and water-repellent.

TOCMC, South Plains Texas  (Organic Upland cotton)

(Texas Organic Cotton Marketing Co-operative) A farmer-owned-and-operated cooperative with approximately 35 members, growing USDA-certified Upland Organic Cotton. Each bale of cotton can be traced to a specific farmer and field. While cotton quality is partially determined by weather, farmers are paid based on quality, which incentivizes  growing the highest quality cotton possible. Organic cotton seeds are also used to supply dairy feed, and their fields are diversified with other crops such as corn, soybeans, and peas.

VIRIDITAS FARM, North-Cali (Organic/ regeneratively grown FOXFIBRE©)

A biodynamic farm owned and operated by Sally Fox, a scientist and environmental advocate known for breeding ancient heirloom coloured cottons into more usable forms, paving the way for organic cotton production in the US. Naturally growing in beautiful shades of greens, browns, and reds, coloured cottons offer an alternative to dyeing, are naturally pest resistant and require less water. Dedicated to regenerative and organic agriculture, Sally integrates sheep and other rotational crops including Heirloom Sonora wheat, remarkable for it’s soil-enriching qualities. 

ALVAREZ FARMS, New Mexico (Organic Sea island)

Owned by Dosi Alvarez, an organic grower since 1992, and one of the earliest commercial organic cotton growers in the USA. Alvarez Farms is the only American grower of Organic Sea Island, a luxurious long-staple cotton, also known as Pima. 


SMALL FARMS IN TENNESSEE (regeneratively-grown indigo)

A group of farms, in partnership with a Tennessee indigo dye producer, growing natural indigo as a rotational crop to help enrich the soil. 

HOWE SOUND, B.C. and the SOUTHERN US (foraged branches and plants)

GOTS-Certified dyes and dyeing 

Fibre-reactive dyes and dye applications that uphold the Global Organic Textile Standard.

Artisan Mills & Supply Chain Partners

Dana is grateful to be continuing relationships with 3 local producers that have been sewing and knitting with her since 2009. Thank you to the the Lau, the Cazranee and the Hirano families for your skill & partnership over the years.

More coming up on the artisan mills & dyers integral to this collection.


Documentary images shot by Adrian Buitenhuis

Identity Design by Manon Fraser

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