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Garment Care



How to care for your Hand Knit:

Wool is a breathable, natural fibre allowing for long term wear without much cleaning required. A day left in the fresh air and sun can take away odor. If the area that is soiled is small, take a bit of hand soap, gently rub it into area, rinse and lay out flat to dry. Do not agitate the wool too much as it will cause felting. For heavy soil, dry clean is best. Store folded and do not hang as the weight from the sweater can stretch out the body. To keep your sweater looking new, remove pills by hand. Please note that pilling is a characteristic of wool and unrelated to quality. The woolier, or loftier the yarn, the greater the risk of pilling during normal wear. When not in use, store in airtight container with cedar balls or lavender to avoid damage by moths. A properly-cared for Hand Knit can be an heirloom piece passed down through generations.




How to care for your Great Basin Wool Fleece (Sweatshirts & Cloud Shirts):

You'll find the care labels say HAND WASH but we’ve had good results with the following: 


  1. machine wash alone (to prevent abrasion)
  2. PH-neutral Soap
  3. cold/cool water
  4. short/gentle cycle, LOW SPIN
  5. Always air dry flat to prevent stretching or hanger marks.



  1. Steam or low heat iron on smooth side of fabric is OK. 
  2. When not in use, store in an airtight container with cedar balls or lavender to avoid damage by moths.




How to care for your Natural Indigo-dyed items:

As indigo tends to release some colour (especially in the first few washes), we recommend washing alone or with similar colours. Use only pH-neutral liquid detergent no higher than pH 7. Some natural dyes are sensitive to citrus. Follow the other care instructions included with your garment.



How to care for your Hemp-Fill Denim items:

-Machine wash, Cool (preferably alone to reduce abriasion)

-Hang or lay flat to dry 




How to care for your Organic Heavy Jersey (T-Shirts)

-Hand wash OR Machine wash, cool with like colours  

-lay flat to dry 

-washing alone or in a mesh bag can help reduce abraision and increase longevity 


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