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Pull-on Pant, Sun-dried Indigo

Pull-on Pant, Sun-dried Indigo
Pull-on Pant, Sun-dried Indigo
Pull-on Pant, Sun-dried Indigo
Pull-on Pant, Sun-dried Indigo
Pull-on Pant, Sun-dried Indigo
Pull-on Pant, Sun-dried Indigo
Pull-on Pant, Sun-dried Indigo

Garment: Pull-on Pant, Sun-dried Indigo

Fabric: 9 oz Hemp-Fill Organic 3x1 with Foxfibre® Selvage

Fiber Content: Upland Org. Cotton (Warp)/ Foxfibre® (Selv)/ Hemp (Weft)


TOCMC (TX) / Viriditas Farm (N. Cal) / Mill-Surplus

Spun: N. C. / N. C. / Mill-Surplus

Knit/Woven/Handknit: Vintage Draper-Loomed in Pennsylvania

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    Woven on a vintage 33" Shuttle Loom in Pennsylvania, this custom 3x1 neppy 9 oz selvage is made from smooth, strong Hemp from France (weft) and Organic Upland Cotton (warp) grown by a cooperative of organic farmers in West Texas. The selvages are gilded with Brown Organic Foxfibre®, a naturally coloured cotton grown & bred by farmer/ scientist Sally Fox in N. Cali. After being locally ginned & carded, the cottons are spun into yarn in North Carolina by one of two US mills that will spin organic cotton-   Part of a growing range of soil-to-loom bespoke textiles made in collaboration with farms and mills~


    This style is a relaxed, full-length trouser with elasticized waist, hand pockets, faux fly, and mitred patch pocket, finished in denim tradition with selvage outseams and chain-stitched hems. Single-rinsed and sun-dried for an easy, relaxed  feel.


    Each trouser is finished with a hand-chronicled label, tracing the cotton's journey from farm-to-final-garment. 


    26:   Waist 12.5-14.5/ Hip 38.5"/ Outseam  39.5" /Inseam 28.5"/ Cuff Width 8"  

    28:   Waist 13.5-15.5 / Hip 39.5/ Outseam  40.5"/inseam 29"/ Cuff Width  8.25"

    30:  Waist 14.5-16.5"/ Hip 42.5/  Outseam 42.5"/ Inseam 29.5"/ Cuff Width 8.5

    32:  Waist 15-18"/ Hip 45.5/ Outseam 41.5" / Inseam 30.25"/ Cuff Width  8.75"

    34: Waist 16-19"/ Hip 48.5"/ Outseam  42"/  Inseam 31"/ Cuff Width 9.25"

    36: Waist 18.5-21.2"/ Hip 51.5"/  Outseam 42.5"/  Inseam 31.5/ Cuff Width 9.75


    Care: Machine wash cold (gentle/ alone), Line Dry. This garment has been pre-shrunk to ensure size integrity after wash. 


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