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Ring-Neck Sweatshirt Hand-dyed Indigo

Ring-Neck Sweatshirt Hand-dyed Indigo
Ring-Neck Sweatshirt Hand-dyed Indigo
Ring-Neck Sweatshirt Hand-dyed Indigo
Ring-Neck Sweatshirt Hand-dyed Indigo
Ring-Neck Sweatshirt Hand-dyed Indigo
Ring-Neck Sweatshirt Hand-dyed Indigo
Ring-Neck Sweatshirt Hand-dyed Indigo

Garment: Ring-Neck Sweatshirt Hand-dyed Indigo

Fabric: Rambouillet Wool Fleece 125 GSM

Fiber Content: Organic Cotton / Rambouillet Wool


TOCMC West Texas / Bare Ranch, NW Nevada-California

Spun: North Carolina / Maine

Knit/Woven/Handknit: Fabric Knit in Quebec

  • Description +

    1940s-inspired slight boxy-fit sweatshirt elevated with a luxurious farm-to-loom wool-based fleece. Finished with organic cotton 1x1 rib and custom-knitted neck tape. This 125 GSM cloud-like fleece with fluffy inner is the same original fabric as our first run.


    The first of our locally grown & foraged dye offerings, this 100% pant-based indigo was produced by Tennessee natural dye maker, Stony Creek, in collaboration with nearby farms. Part of a regenerative farming effort, the partnering growers integrated the plants as cover crop, reducing soil erosion and improving soil microbial quality- a technique known to increase atmospheric carbon capture & reduce nematodes while providing a good financial return for the grower.


    Each Tee is individually hand-dyed, each unique in character.


    The fuzzy, napped inside of this Rambouillet Fleece is made of the smooth, soft wool from Rambouillet sheep, regeneratively-raised by BARE RANCH, a high desert ranch spanning Northwest-Nevada & Northern California. The smooth, slightly puckered  outside (also the rib and tape) is made from Organic Upland Cotton grown by T.O.C.M.C, a co-operative of organic farmers in South Plains Texas. 


    After the raw cotton and wool are ginned, carded, washed & combed, they are spun into yarns by small mills in North Carolina and Maine. The yarns are then knitted into fabric by our specialty-mill in Quebec. Another specialty-mill in Quebec makes the tape.


    Each sweatshirt is finished with a hand-chronicled label, tracing the wool & cotton's journey from farm-to-final-garment. 


    Care: Hand wash cool, air dry flat, following specific steps here.  This garment may gain a natural nubbyness over time, much like a wool sweater. Scroll down for indigo instructions. 


    **Please note that the character of naturally dyed items may change over time and that indigo garments (especially when new) may crock color on to other lighter items.  Also, some natural dyes can lighten or darken with citrus and perspiration. 


  • Size Guide +
    S M L XL
    Chest:24" 25" 26" 27.5"
    Shoulder:19.25" 20" 20.75" 21.5"
    Sleeve:33.5" 34.5" 35.5" 36.5"
    Length:26.5" 27" 27.75" 28.5
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