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Work Coat, 9oz

Work Coat, 9oz
Work Coat, 9oz
Work Coat, 9oz
Work Coat, 9oz
Work Coat, 9oz

Garment: Work Coat, 9oz

Fabric: Organic Hemp-Fill 3x1 with Foxfibre® Selvage

Fiber Content: Upland Org. Cotton (Warp)/ Foxfibre® (Selv)/ Hemp (Weft)


TOCMC (TX) / Viriditas Farm (N. Cal) / Mill-Surplus

Spun: N. C. / N. C. / Mill-Surplus

Knit/Woven/Handknit: Vintage Draper-Loomed in Pennsylvania

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    Revival of the DANA LEE "Work Coat" (2012-2016)- a  relaxed, soft-shouldered jacket with enamelware buttons.  In addition to sizing-up the fit, a back seam has been introduced as well as a selvage-edge facing.


    This custom developed 3x1 neppy selvage is 9.5 ounces (medium weight) and has a crisp, sculptural body due to the bast-fibre fill. Each garment has been pre-laundered and air-dried for an easy, comfortable  feel.


    Woven on a 33" vintage Draper Shuttle Loom, the weft is of a smooth strong mill-surplus Hemp Yarn, and the warp is of Organic Upland Cotton grown by T.M.O.C.O., a cooperative of organic farmers in West Texas.  After the raw cotton is locally ginned (process of removing/ obtaining seeds) & carded (process of cleaning and webbing the fibres into a continuous form), the resulting soft sliver is spun into yarn by a mill in North Carolina- one of two small mills in the US that will spin organic cotton. The selvages of this narrow denim are gilded with Brown Organic Foxfibre®, a naturally coloured cotton grown & bred at Viriditas  Farm, Northern California, by farmer/ scientist Sally Fox. 


    Part of an evolving range of DLB soil-to-loom textiles woven in Pennsylvania


    Each garment is finished with a hand-chronicled label, tracing cotton's journey from farm-to-final-garment. 


    XXS:   Chest 23/  Front Length (from HSP) 27" 


    XXS:  Chest 23.5"/  Front Length (from HSP) 28" 


    S: Chest 24.75"/  Front Length (from HSP) 29"

    M: Chest 25.5"/  Front Length (from HSP) 30.5"

    L: Chest 27.5 /  Front Length (from HSP) 32"

    XL: Chest  28.5  / Front Length (from HSP)   33"


    Care: Machine wash cold (gentle/ alone), Line Dry. This garment has been pre-shrunk to ensure size integrity after wash. 


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